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About Spa Moverz

When it comes to professional hot tub moving or disposal at an affordable rate, Spa Moverz is the leading Virginia-based company that caters to people’s needs. Have you bought a new spa but don’t have anyone to deliver it home with proper caution and safety? Want to do it on your own but don’t have the right equipment to do so? Spa Moverz has got you covered! 

Spa Moverz has a team of professionals who have gained the right expertise in proper handling and transport of hot tubs through years of experience. We commit to moving your hot tub to your desired location without any dents or damage. You can count on us.

If you are looking to hire a reliable and well-equipped team to get your hot tub moving in Virginia, you’re on the right track. Give us a call! 

We have been offering hot tub moving services for the families and real estate property owners in and around the state of Virginia since 2019. Over the years, we have served a variety of clients who have helped us master our craft. Using the right resources, Spa Moverz will help you get the most out of your money, with your hot tub arriving sparkling and intact.  

Our staff is highly experienced and trained, which we know plays a vital role in ensuring an efficient and thorough plan in handling and relocating hot tubs without dents or scratches. 

We are known to be the best spa moving company in Virginia for a reason. 

#1 Hot Tub Moving Services in Virginia - Spa Moverz
#1 Hot Tub Moving Services in Virginia - Spa Moverz
#1 Hot Tub Moving Services in Virginia - Spa Moverz

Spa Moverz

On average, an empty hot tub can weigh about 600 pounds. Moving such a massive weight can be extremely dangerous, and a simple mistake can result in serious damage to the hot tub itself. Not to mention, if handled by the wrong hands, injuries or worse consequences can happen.

When it comes to safe, secure, and reliable spa relocation, our highly skilled and seasoned operators are experts at carrying out the task with quality and efficiency based on proper and efficient hot tub moving procedures. With the right set of skills and top-of-the-line crane trucks, equipment, and tools, your hot tub is going to be in safe hands.

Our Services

Renovating a place can get even harder if you plan to add a hot tub. A lot of customers from Virginia have called us for help because they had no one to take care of the hot tub transport from their old place onto their new residence. Spa Moverz offers a reliable solution for such needs through our professional moving protocol. We begin the job by evaluating the dimensions and weight of your hot tub in order to identify how many team members we should dispatch for a safe relocation job. Doing our job with quality and efficiency has been our mantra; it’s something our highly satisfied clients can attest to. 

When it comes to hot tub delivery, there is no solution as convenient as what we provide at Spa Moverz. Our team of professionals will handle and transport your hot tub with safety and caution to ensure that it gets to its destination without damage. As soon as your hot tub is ready for transport, it will be promptly picked up and loaded to our small flatbed truck or spa dolly. Our team will drive through the best route to guarantee a smooth and damage-free delivery, straight onto the location you have specified. 


Hot Tub Disposal

It is normal to feel giddy about your new hot tub. But with your old hot tub’s enormous size, it requires proper disposal. Handling this job carelessly can cause damage and put your safety at risk. If you are planning to take it out at its fine state so you can still dispose of it for cash, or if you need help with proper disposal, Spa Moverz Virginia can do the job for you. Call our hotline today, 757-520-0947; our 24/7 call support will be glad to answer all your queries!


On-site Hot Tub Moving

Spa Moverz has invested in specialized tools, equipment, and airlifts and dollies to move your hot tub from one location to another without any damage. Your sparkling hot tub is safe with us. 

Your hot tub relocation does not have to be difficult to deal with. Count on us for convenient and hassle-free hot tub relocation service. We have been the leading spa moving company in Virginia for a reason.  

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Hot tub moving – what does it cover?

Hot tubs are gigantic; thus, any hot tub moving task is rarely a one-man job unless you are the Hulk. With a weight ranging from 400 to 1800 pounds or more, moving a hot tub can mean a series of tasks that need to be carried out with proper precautions while using the right skills, tools, and equipment. It is a task best handled by Spa Moverz’s qualified professionals. 

How is hot tub moving service performed?

Proper hot tub handling knowledge and skills are essential when moving a hot tub. Before it’s loaded to the transport truck, it first has to be cleaned, drained, and dried to avoid internal damage. Once this is done, the transportation phase can commence. If you are opting for a DIY hot tub relocation, you will need assistance and furniture dollies since the hot tub needs to be titled onto its side when transporting to a new place. Before the move, make sure your path is obstacle-free. Otherwise, the job might cause damage to the hot tub and the surrounding property.

Why is it best to hire a professional hot tub mover?

Outsourcing the job to a professional hot tub moving company may come with a price but it is an overall worthy investment that can help you avoid potential damages and injuries. Below are the main reasons why hiring Spa Moverz is your best decision:

  • We have the experience and knowledge required to move hot tubs, doing so with thorough assessment and preparations.

Professionals like us who are knowledgeable of the ABCs of hot tubs, including assembly and disassembly processes, are the most qualified to take care of your hot tub relocation. Unless you too have mastered it all, hiring Spa Moverz is the best decision you can make. 

  • We provide damage-free service using the right skills, knowledge, and equipment, all at an affordable cost. 
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Allow us to take care of your hot tub moving needs–call us today!


More and more hot tub owners in and around Virginia are seeking our professional help because of the excellence and quality of service we are known for. Entrusting the job to us is the best decision you will ever make.