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Hot Tub Relocation Service

Hot tubs are so enormous in size that even the lightest ones can be hard to relocate. Once a hot tub is attached in a particular area, taking it out can be a complex and daunting process, especially if there is special decking or furniture wrapping around it. You can opt for a DIY hot tub relocation but if you find this is too much to handle, do not hesitate to give us a call at Spa Moverz. Regardless of whether your hot tub is tucked indoors or outdoors, we will move your hot tub without any damage or dents. 

Here at Spa Moverz, we relocate hot tubs only if essential requirements have been met. For instance, the path from the hot tub area to the parked spa dolly must be clear of obstructions, including furniture, decking, water meters, awnings, protruding gas meters, air-conditioning units, and even overhanging tree limbs. In some cases, the removal of narrow gates or some fencing may be necessary to facilitate a smooth and damage-free transfer. This time-intensive and complex series of tasks make DIY hot tub relocation impracticable, which is why we are here. 

Worry no more; Spa Moverz has your hot tub relocation needs covered. No matter how hard the task may seem, we have the right skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to get it done.

Hot Tub Movers

On average, an empty hot tub can weigh about 600 pounds. Moving such a massive weight can be extremely dangerous, and a simple mistake can result in serious damage to the hot tub itself. Not to mention, if handled by the wrong hands, injuries or worse consequences can happen.

When it comes to safe, secure, and reliable spa relocation, our highly skilled and seasoned operators are experts at carrying out the task with quality and efficiency based on proper and efficient hot tub moving procedures. With the right set of skills and top-of-the-line crane trucks, equipment, and tools, your hot tub is going to be in safe hands

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Spa Moverz is happy to help you with your hot tub relocation needs. We are a team of seasoned movers and technicians with the skills and tools necessary for a safe and reliable hot tub relocation. It’s a hassle-free solution you should not miss. 

Hot tub relocation, aside from being daunting, is a costly project, so we make sure our seasoned team operates with efficiency and safety to avoid damage during the process. Moreover, we value the importance of professionalism and courtesy in aiming to serve you with excellence. Our staff will encourage you to air out your concerns without reservations. We value your satisfaction more than anything else. 

Call us today to schedule a free on-site estimate and our team will give you a quote after a thorough assessment has been made. 

For reliable and affordable hot tub relocation services in Virginia, you can count on us at Spa Moverz.

Allow us to take care of your hot tub moving needs–call us today!


More and more hot tub owners in and around Virginia are seeking our professional help because of the excellence and quality of service we are known for. Entrusting the job to us is the best decision you will ever make.