Moving A Hot Tub On Your Own

Hopping in a nice sanctuary of relaxation that is the hot tub after a long day is probably one of your favorite things. We get it. A few things that will bring you stress? Moving a hot tub on your own.

If you are looking for the most efficient way to move your hot tub with less hassle and mistakes, this article should help. Whether you are moving a hot tub to a new home or just moving it to a new spot in your house, you would not want to risk breaking it, or worse, breaking your back.

Types of Hot Tubs

Before anything else, let us enumerate the different kinds of hot tubs in the market. Knowing what type of hot tub you have will help you and the professional hot tub movers when deciding the best way to relocate the hot tub. Each type of hot tub is built with different materials and comes with various installation, heating configurations, and accessories that must be considered before and after the move.

  • Inflatable Hot Tub

This type is one of the most recommended types of hot tubs. Besides the fact that this kind of hot tub is really inexpensive, many consumers purchase this for its quick and easy installation and deflation when needed. But here is the catch: you will need a solid foundation to support the inflated hot tub. 

  • Wooden Hot Tub

The wooden hot tub is perhaps among the oldest hot tub styles. You will find it in ancient histories being used by ordinary people, royalties, or leaders of the land. This kind of hot tub is associated with the art of healing and simplicity and is often placed outdoors, closer to nature to optimize relaxation.

Aside from its pleasing aesthetic and rustic charm, wooden hot tubs are made from different types of woods from cedar to redwood. It should be noted that it is quite expensive and weight-size, incredibly heavy.

  • Plug-N-Play Hot Tub

Just like the inflatable or portable hot tubs, the plug-n-play is easy to set up and use. By simply plugging it onto the right outlet, you are good to go. What differentiates the two lies in their style and stability.

The plug-n-play hot tubs are usually made from plastic, but not inflatable. You can choose a variety of sizes, styles, or layouts that will suit your budget. Although it is made from high-grade plastic material, it is still quite heavy to move on your own.

  • Swim Spa Hot Tub or Exercise Spa

Giving the best of both worlds – relaxation and fitness, this type of hot tub can accommodate two or more people. The wide selection of swim spa hot tubs which feature jets, hydrotherapy, and energy efficiency offers consumers more options.

The main difference between swim spa hot tubs and the other types is in their size and main purpose. They often are built-in atlas 19 feet long and 8 feet wide, which is perfect for doing laps. With those specifications, only a full team of professional hot tub movers and heavy equipment can safely move it to a new location.

Hot tubs are built using various materials including plastic, high-end wood, stainless steel, hot porcelain, and concrete. Ordinarily, the heavier material used, the more demanding it will be to prepare and move. Experts would say that acquiring the skills of professional hot tub movers is the best decision.

Spa Moverz is a hot tub moving company that can help you easily move a spa hot tub even in tight, remote locations. 

Why You Should Not Move A Hot Tub On Your Own

Attempting to lift and move your hot tub without the assistance of expert hot tub movers, even in a short distance, could go wrong. Moving a hot tub is a serious business and not doing it right can result in physical injury.

Out of all the problems you can encounter from moving your hot tub on your own, here is what you do not want to experience:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders. This is probably the most common disorder people get from lifting heavy things. On average, hot tubs weigh around 300 pounds. Generally, the bigger the hot tub, the heavier you can expect it to be. Hence, trying to move hot tubs on your own can quickly escalate to back injury and broken bones.
  • Damage the hot tub. Carrying a hot tub that is bigger and heavier than you, rest assured, dents and scratches will happen. The overall weight of a hot tub is greatly affected by the size, shape, and material it is made of. A professional hot tub moving company like Spa Mover is fully equipped with the manpower and the proper tools to safely relocate your hot tub.
  • Lost Time. Moving a hot tub requires planning and the right tools. Trying to move a hot tub on your own could result in mistakes and loss of an extraordinary amount of time. That is why it is always recommended to get the assistance of professionals when preparing, loading, transporting, and setting hot tubs to a new location.
  • Property Damage. Aside from damaging the hot tub itself, moving it on your own can also cause disturbance to other people and the destruction of other personal belongings. Moreover, the structural integrity of the property could get damaged as well.
  • Slipped Disc or Hernia. Another terrible thing that could occur to your body while lifting a heavy hot tub is sustaining muscle strains and tears. This is very painful and sometimes might even need surgery. Keep in mind that a casualty whilelifting a heavy thing is not uncommon.

To steer clear of these most common risks of moving a hot tub on your own, consult with seasoned hot tub movers. Spa Movers can tackle any hot tub moving issues. We have the appropriate hot tub moving equipment to lift and move any kind of hot tub.